Thursday, 28 December 2006

Cloud 2338

Monday, 25 December 2006



Sunday, 24 December 2006

New Lamp

Friday, 22 December 2006

Brain Tree


A Bird for Christmas



Painting Number Four


Painting Number Three


Painting Number Two


Painting Number One

Broken Lamp

Nice lamp I saw last winter. Had to work on this a bit with the old photoshop...

Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Pyrenees

Daytime Nightime Grass



Blue Flowers and Bitchu


Mini Forest


In The Pyrenees

Droplets and Leaves


Parallel Vapour Trail

Pink Trees in the Forest


Lake District

Street Tunnel

Some where in Spain probably Cadaqués. Yeah you know near where Doli, Duli, whatisname Oh yeah Dali lived.


Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Beautiful Beggar

I know he looks great and if you're wondering if he really is a beggar or a put on, he's got a wooden leg.

I met this guy sitting by the side of the road between Kulu and Manali. It cost me a rupee to take his photo. He is colourful though isn't he?
This was on the main road in Kulu Valley also known as the Valley of the Gods where each of the villages is supposed to have a god living there.

Monday, 18 December 2006

Fighting Saints

Saint George

Saint George from Gloucester Cathedral

Saint George, a very popular saint. If I were to say I come from a place where he is the patron saint and I live in another place where he is the patron saint I wouldn't be telling you much. Check it out Saint George .

Saint Michael

Saint Michael from Gloucester Cathedral
Saint Michael, cast out the devil, this is also interesting St Michael's ley.


Doggy Gargoyle

Well doggy what would you call it?

Shifty Gargoyle

Does look shifty don't he?

Monkey Gargoyle - Hear No Evil?

Didn't see the other two.

Cold Devil Gargoyle

I thought he was hugging himself to keep warm.

Thoughtful Devil


Strange Child Gargoyle

Take a closer look the whole thing is strange.

Ram Gargoyle

Looks like a ram to me.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Robert Duke of Normandy

Robert's Tomb

The tomb of Robert Duke of Normandy

What else to say save that Bill the Conq did his stuff on England in 1066 which was the last time that land was invaded. The yanks did have some soldiers wandering about for a while, but they left by themselves, and no where near as many as they do now but that isn't an invasion, is it?

Cloister Ceiling

The ceiling of the cloister in Gloucester Cathedral this is where a lot of the leaded windows were located especially the ones that were easiest to view as you were closer to them.
The ceiling of the cloister in Gloucester Cathedral this is where a lot of the leaded windows were located especially the ones that were easiest to view as you were closer to them...

Laycock Abbey -

Laycock Abbey the home of the inventor of photography with negatives for making copies
A Country house created out of a medieval abbey, the home of William Henry Fox Talbot, Ok he's the geezer that invented the type of photography we use today or did until the digital stuff came along. That is with a negative 'cause there was a frog bloke that invented a version that didn't make copies, Dauguerre, that's who I'm thinking of, more history - History of the Digital Camera... - Well so it goes. No it wasn't a pilgrimage. This abbey was for nuns which wasn't so common in England, unlike Spain which also had some mixed ones for a while. I digress, what a surprise

The Lights, The Lights


This window is one that is part of the cloister of Gloucester Cathedral, an Anglican cathedral in England, (that's for the yanks). It is the devil tempting Christ when he went into the desert. Unusually I thought is the choice of blue, a rather cold colour, for a being, mythical or otherwise, that is supposed to live in such a warm environment. Thinking some more about this perhaps its a similar idea to that which colours the Hindi god Krishna who if I remember correctly is blue as he has taken all the posions of the world into his body to remove them from the world. So perhaps the blue means that el diablo is poision.
Well, the big window is, if I remember right over 700 years old and two thirds original, so maybe this one has similar antiquity and they had different associations of colours then.

Saturday, 16 December 2006


Brollynsky - OK I own up it,s been retouched in photoshop...

No Storm

This one too - retouched in photoshop... - that's why it's called no storm...

Brollynsky Closed

More retouching I think these impossible skys look great though - fairy tales and fantasy again.

Painted Sky

Ok I over did it this time didn't I?
This was a good day for photos I just sat on this terrace with a drink and kept on photographing the sky. It was great it was so blue and had all these fantastic clouds. I think the people I was with thought I was crazy but nevermind...

Flutterby on Stone